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The brief from Medibank was to make their brand promise "For better health" ring true for their 2012 Australian Open sponsorship campaign.  But how can Australians achieve better health while they're prone on their couches, eating Magnums and watching 4-hour matches of tennis in their undies? TV Tennis was intended to get Australians off their couches and getting active, with each commercial syncing with a phone app to simulate a game of tennis played against the TV. It was new tech, never done before, and turned Medibank preacher to a practitioner... but with Medibank floating the company that year, they chose to ditch the completed campaign, and it never aired: until Kia released an identical campaign the following year. Needless to say, it won a shitload of awards, at shows such as Clio Sport and Spikes Asia. Alas, alack.   

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