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Know where to draw The Line


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4.2 million views and counting.

4.2 million views and counting.

The Line: 'Indelible Mark'

Before the outrage begins, here are the facts: violence against women is endemic in Australia, and non-for-profit organisation Our Watch believes prevention starts young. Research shows 25% of males aged 12-24 hold disturbing attitudes that put them at risk of perpetrating or justifying violence against women. So, controversially (as always), we targeted potential perpetrators, and definitively state that it’s definitely not the “responsibility” of victims to keep themselves safe. Young males crave respect, and their reputation is everything. We unequivocally declare that violence is “crossing the line”, and cannot be undone – a powerful incentive for behavioral change. With 1-in-3 Australian women experiencing violence, our objective is to change the distorted cultural beliefs that cause violence against women – before it starts. 


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